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Our Story

"Bringing the taste from home in Japan to everyone" was the vision of Rikki USA  founder, Masa Terada, when he opened his first Japanese restaurant in Kirkland Washington in 1990.

After several requests from customers wanting to buy and take home the restaurant's widely popular dressings, Masa decided to bottle and sell them. The demand became so great that in 1995 a separate production plant had to be opened and Rikki USA was born. This state of the art production and bottling facility in Redmond, Washington, now produces dozens of different flavors of Rikki's and Masa's dressing, sauces and marinades. The plant employs several highly trained sauce makers and employees.

The dressing and sauces are produced and shipped to customer around the world and are sold through retail outlets and local, high end grocery stores including Costco, Whole Foods, Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer, PCC, Kroger, Sam's Club.and in many Asian stores.  

Masa's dream to create and share his recipes and creations has reached heights he never could have imagined."We are sold in six different countries including US,,Mexico, and Asia" said Co-Founder and Vice President of Rikki USA, Yasu Terada. Rikki USA is constantly introducing new sauces, rubs, marinades and dressings to the marketplace and plans on continuing to release several additional flavors each year.

Experience a taste of Japan though Rikki's/Masa's Sauce & Dressings made by Rikki USA, Inc.


Masa's Lemon Pepper Ginger Sauce